Loading Dock Ramp Concrete Pour

These photos are from our warehouse building remodel project in Camarillo, CA in 2014. There were a total of five loading dock areas that required new concrete at this location. This is one of the smaller docks of the project. Loading dock ramps are usually poured, then hand rodded with a 2"x4" and smoothed using a float.

Jose Torres, President, and Ricardo (right).

Hand rodding with 2x4. Outside surface has been floated.

Rodding with a 2x4.

Part of the surface has been floated.

Ricardo and Jose Torres supervising.

Starting the pour. Reinforcements with chairs in place.

Pouring concrete stairs. Leveling concrete on ramp up loading dock. It's always good to have extra guys (in case something goes wrong you have the manpower to fix the problem).

Ramp up for a loading dock. Work in progress. Beginning stages of finishing. Using a float to flatten the surface.

Finished product. Rotary finish at the top of the ramp, with a broom finish at the lower part of the ramp.

Finishing a platform for a loading dock. Concrete has been freshly poured. Cutting joints. Using a float to smooth the surface.

Cutting joints in concrete.

Preparing to start brooming.

Pouring and finishing concrete for loading dock. Preparing for a broom finish with a walk-behind trowel.