About RT Concrete

Jose and Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Torres Sr. began RT Concrete Construction in 2002 and incorporated to RT Concrete in 2011. He's been working with concrete for the past 35 years. Starting as a laborer, he found himself working his way up through the ranks, most likely because his strong work ethic helped him earn the respect of his co-workers and mentors. Ricardo helped build most of the new concrete buildings in Valencia in the 1980's with his brother in law's company. He's always on site, even though he doesn't need to be, making sure everything is being done correctly.

Jose Torres - President. Jose does everything, including estimating and supervising. His job is to make sure that your project is executed to the highest quality standards at a competitive price. Concrete is the family trade, and he's been involved since he was 16.

We are constantly striving to finish projects on schedule and make our customers proud. Our customers always hire us again for their next job, because nobody does it better than us. The key is keeping everything organized by maintaining a clean job site, and good communication between employees and superintendents. Most of our employees have been with us since our company began in 2002, which has allowed us to build up the kind of trust and understanding that is required to execute large commercial projects in the most efficient manner, and to maintain quality standards at all times.